Does your dog play fetch?

Is your dog running away with their toy instead of bringing it back? Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to entertain your dog or exercise them when they don’t come back. Below are some really easy steps to get your dog to play fetch!!

  1. Ensure you are using a toy they love. This can be a ball, a rope, a toy and more…
  2. Only use this ball/toy at fetch time.
  3. If your dog doesn’t come back, have them on a long lead (like shown in the video below).
  4. If your dog has issues dropping the ball/toy, make sure you have two.

You can use a long lead to train your dog to bring back their toy. When the dog tries to run away from you gently use pressure to get them to come back. When the dog comes back use your reward word. When they come back on their own you can also reward with a treat.

With dogs that won’t drop their toy you can use two. As the dog comes back to you, show them the other toy and throw the second. They will drop the current toy and chase the new one. Every time the dog drops the toy, congratulate them by using their training word (yes – read up on reward words in our earlier article). As the dog is already conditioned to their reward word, they will pick up on the cues when they drop the ball.

These simple steps will get your dog retrieving and returning time and again!

Let us know how your training is going!

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