The First 30 Days with Your New Puppy

Have you just welcomed a puppy into your family? There are a few key things you can do during the first month with your puppy to set them up for success.

Day one.

The first day with your puppy is very exciting for you both. Let them explore their new home and introduce them to the rest of the family. Learn the first steps in socialising them here.

First week.

You may notice your puppy has had accidents inside, it is important to be patient with them and continue toilet training. We have a few tips to make toilet training as easy and quick as possible.

30 days.

Your new puppy should have been to the vet at least once for vaccinations. It is vital to protect your puppy from nasty diseases by keeping them up to date with their vaccinations.

And beyond.

Grow your puppy into a confident, happy and social dog that everyone loves to hang out with. Puppy school is an important tool part of raising a well-adjusted dog.

What is Leave it?

Leave It provides free online dog training resources, dog events and access to dog trainers near you, to help you with all things dog behaviour.

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