Does your dog have separation anxiety or just clingy?

Is my dog just clingy or do they have separation anxiety? Velcro dogs and dogs that have separation anxiety can be confused with one another. Both are associated with not wanting to be away from their owners, but the main difference between velcro dogs & dogs with separation anxiety is the anxiety itself. Velcro dogs want to be close to their owner at all times, while dogs that suffer from separation anxiety panic when they’re away from their owner.

Here are some important signs to watch out for if you think your dog has separation anxiety:

  • Panic when you go out of sight 
  • Destructive behaviour when left alone 
  • Excessive barking when you’re gone 
  • Escaping and digging

If you think your dog may be more than just clingy, you may want to consider speaking with your vet or dog trainer for advice or to rule out any underlying issues. There are also a few things you can do yourself at home.

Read our tips here on how enrichment can help ease your dogs separation anxiety.

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