Basic training videos & posts.

This page has how-to videos, downloadable PDFs and relevant blogs to help you train your dog.

••• Training videos •••

Learn the basics of dog training from reward words, sit and stay and introducing a crate or den from the comfort of your home.

Sit and Stay

Food rewards

The first step in teaching your puppy commands is using condition reinforcer words like ‘yes’. Watch the video to see how it is taught.

Condition rewards for sit

Does your puppy sit on command? Learn our easy steps to have a puppy that sits.


How long does your puppy stay on command? Try our steps to stay a while longer.

Crate or Den

Introducing a crate or den

Does your dog sleep in a crate or secure den each night? Watch our video on how to introduce crate training to a puppy or dog.

••• Blog posts •••

Want to know more about basic dog training? Our blogs provide tips, tricks and resources for you to live in harmony.

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