5 Healthy & creative kong recipes that your dog will love

Peanut butter is the go to kong filler around the world. It’s easy, quick and dogs love it! But today we are sharing 5 different recipes to help keep your dog enriched.

Nutritional enrichment is incredibly important to your dogs emotional and behavioural health. This means providing them with novel food items on occasion. The different tastes, textures and smells all work to improve your dog’s wellbeing and can even help reduce behavioural problems! Stuff them into your dog’s kong, JW bear, Westpaw Toppl or Tux, a dried hoof, dried moo tube (trachea), or even in a cored apple! We suggest freezing these for a treat that will last even longer.

1. Sweet ’n Savoury

Boil some turkey mince and pumpkin until cooked – Drain. – Add diced apple pieces and stir through until mixed. – Let cool then stuff your toy!

2. The Berry Delicious

Blend frozen mixed berries and greek yoghurt – stuff!

3. Fish and Delish

Canned sardines or tuna (in spring water- not oil or tomato sauce)+ meat mince of your choice. – drain canned fish – mix together and stuff!

4. The Elvis Presley

Smear peanut butter around the inside edges – Add chopped banana and greek yoghurt

5. What’s for Dinner?

Your dog safe leftovers! eg. Chicken/roast meat/ roasted or steamed veggies/ mashed potato. Remember onions are toxic for dogs and you should avoid anything with excess sauce, spice or dressings.

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