How to teach your dog to stay

How to teach a dog to stay. A dog sitting next to the dog owner, the dog owner is gesturing to the dog with a stay command

The ‘stay’ command can be very useful in many situations. The key is to combine stay with a release command. ‘Stay’ is ideal for dogs that already mastered ‘sit’. So, if your pup already sits like a king, it is time to start teaching your dog to ‘stay’!

Check out tips for how to train a dog to stay tips.

1) Choose your release command & right environment

Before starting training, pick your release command on your choice. and select a comfortable environment where are fewer distractions. Then put your dog into sit or lay down position.


    • Okay
    • Free
    • Done

2) Release & rewards

Stand next to your dog, then throw a treat. Say “OK” (your choice of the release command) immediately once your dog moves towards the treat. Repeat this training until your dog learns the command means to move their feet.

3) Sit or Down

The next step is to put your dog into a sitting position or down position (You can use sit command if you want). Pause, and give a treat for staying still, and release the dog. The tip is to start from a short time.

4) Increase time

Increase the time between stay and reward a little by little.

5) Take a distance

You can start taking a distance from your dog once the dog mastered staying for several seconds.

6) Stay and Release commands

Place the dog into sit/stay position and say ‘Stay’. Step back, and step back to the dog again. Give the pup praise and treat by saying your release command.

7) Repeat practicing

Repeat 1 – 6 steps regularly. The key is to be consistent and patient. Don’t worry, your dog will gradually learn if you patiently repeat the process continuously. You can gradually take a longer distance for the dog to be able to a master of stay!

What not to do

    • Punishment
    • Physically force your dog to be in the sitting position

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