Free DIY dog behaviour training

Training your dog encourages desirable behaviours, offers mental stimulation and builds trust.

••• Dog training principles •••

Use rewards

Reward your dog for performing desired behaviours and ignore any undesired behaviours.

Keep it consistent

Planning sessions regularly and staying upbeat will build trust and affection with your dog.

Be patient

Any little progress should be celebrated and know some days will be better than others.

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Foundation behaviours

Once your dog has mastered the foundation behaviours, it is easier to teach essential behaviours.


Teaching your dog to get into a sitting position is one of the most basic commands and works as the foundation behaviour for all other behaviours a dog can learn.


‘Stay’ is a command that keeps your dog in one place, and it’s crucial if you want to have control over your dog in sensitive situations.

Essential behaviours

Now that your dog can consistently do the foundation behaviours, it’s easier for them to start learning the following essential behaviours.


‘Come’ is an extremely helpful command for those times you lose grip on the leash or leave the front door open. Learning this command is simple for your dog to come back every time you call.

Leave It (wildlife avoidance)

‘Leave It’ can help keep your dog safe when his curiosity gets the better of him such as those times when he smells something intriguing which could possibly be a threat.


Teaching a dog to ‘heel’ involves training it to walk calmly by your side and to keep pace with you. It is a great way to teach your dog self-control whether it’s on or off leash.

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