Puppy School - 5 Weeks

Ages Up to 16 weeks old

(must have first Vax)

Week 1

Information download - everything a new puppy owner needs to know (no puppies this week)

Week 2

Commands - Puppy mat training and Sit - socialisation

Week 3

Commands - Sit with Hand signal and Drop - socialisation

Week 4

Commands - Drop with Hand signal and Stay - socialisation

Week 5

Commands - Come and how to sleep inside as an adult dog for koala/natives safety and Graduate Puppies

Birkdale Puppy school 8.30am

Capalaba Puppy School 11.30am

Cleveland Puppy School 4.30pm


Level 1 (Obedience) - 4 Weeks

Week 1

Commands - Adult Mat training and Heel and  Sit and Sit Stay

Week 2

Commands - Stand and Basic Come from Stay - Come past distractions - Come recall Games

Week 3

Commands - Drop and Stand Stay and Come from Mat and Come from Koala scented toy.

Week 4

Commands - Return to Heel and Drop Stay and Come from a distance and Graduation

Birkdale Advanced Basic Obedience 7am

Capalaba Advanced Basic Obedience 1pm

Cleveland Advanced Basic Obedience 3pm

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