Is your dog crate trained?

Crate training is important for all dogs. Whether it be so they have a safe and secure place to go, or so they don’t destroy your house. Travelling in your car or at the vets, all dogs should be crate trained.

Crate training can happen at any stage in your dog’s life.

Leave It promotes that all dogs should be crate trained not only for the above but also so there are no interactions with wildlife whilst you aren’t home. Many wildlife come and go through our backyards, especially in mating season we have an influx of koalas out and about.

To ensure they have a safe place to walk around we suggest having your dog sleep inside of a night. Here are a few tips to get your dog trained.

  1. Start with your crate inside, where the dog can see you. Make sure it’s a nice comfy spot, with bedding that your dog will like. Keeping the door open start with feeding them treats in there.
  2. As your dog gets more comfortable with the crate each day, increase the time they spend in there.
  3. Start closing the door and leaving them there for longer periods. Your dog will start to understand the routine and be comfortable with being crated.

Dogs feel safe and secure when they have their own space!

Make sure you let us know how your training is going and tag us in photos of your #cratetraining

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