How to have a dog that heels

Taking your dog out when it isn’t trained can be very stressful, for both the dog and you. We often see someone walking a dog, but it really looks like the dog is walking their owner!

What if l told you there were simple steps to have your dog heeling and walking well on their lead?

Dog excitement or anxiety when out and about is common and understandable. We keep our pets in their homes most of the day, with the same smells, the same toys and the same humans. For only a short period of time they get to go on a walk and interact with so many smells, people, other animals; that many get out of control if not properly trained!

These tips to have a well-behaved dog on lead come from our expert trainer Ryan Tate. Ryan’s very simple steps should have your dog walking like a pro in no time.

  1. Find a nice, quiet place. If your dog is easily excitable or anxious when out, try this at home in the hallway.
  2. Find your dog’s favourite treat or toy (only to be used when training).
  3. Start with your dog on your left with them closet to the wall, fence or something like the video attached.
  4. Start walking. Once your dog starts pulling turn into them and walk the other way. If your dog stays next to you when walking for a couple of strides, congratulate them with a treat.
  5. Continue for 5 to 6 rounds only. Do this daily until you can get up and down the hallway until your dog walks next to you without pulling. Next, try outside in a quiet area. Each time you are confident in that one area, ramp it up, more traffic, people, dogs and kids.

We have attached a video of two very well-trained dogs showing you how you can get them to heel along a fence.

Let us know how your training is going!

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