When Barking Becomes a Problem

Written by The Intricate Dog (Leave It partner)

Probably all of us at one time or another has heard a dog bark. Dog’s use their bark to communicate and it’s as natural to them as talking is for us.

However, bored, frustrated, stressed or fearful dogs can bark excessively whether it’s in the home or out on a walk. If your dog is barking for long periods of time at home or consistently barking when people, cars, dogs or bikes go past when you are out walking, then your dog is telling you that they have a problem and need your help to resolve it.

Any owner of a dog who displays this behaviour has more than likely had their neighbours complain about the noise or abuse from a stranger calling you out on your dogs’ behaviour. It generally leaves you anxious, frustrated or even angry with your dog.

Sometimes barking can be reduced simply by providing your dog with mental stimulation, toys, stuffed treat toys even music. If your dog barks on walks, manage this by changing your routine and walking where there is less stimulation.

Whatever the reason, if you cannot resolve it, seek professional help from someone who can provide you with the necessary guidance, vet assistance or training to help you and your dog.

Message Victoria Peers, The Intricate Dog, Delta Certified force free dog trainer covering the Gold Coast if you are in need of help with your barking dog. She offers private boredom buster, barking management and reactive dog consultations.

Tel: 0400 765 950 or email: theintricatedog@gmail.com

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3 years ago

My dog Kimby, border collie, 1 yr old. He always barks & jump at the window when someone passes & bird flying. How do we train him ? He is going dog training class every Sunday morning.