How to stop your dog from licking

How to stop your dog from licking. A white dog licking it's owners face

Getting a kiss from your furbabies can be precious for some people… but wait, it is really a kiss? This cute behaviour can be a problem when dogs start licking too much or inappropriate objects. To find out how you can get your dog to stop licking, keep on reading.

1) Understand why your dog licks

Have you ever wonder why do dogs lick your face? Believe it or not, not all licking are kisses. In fact, there are many possible reasons for this behaviour. The first step is to understand why your dog is licking, then take an action to stop them from licking excessively.

    • Affection
    • Anxiety
    • Attention
    • Taste
    • Requesting something
    • Showing submission
    • Feeling sick*

*If you suspect your dog may be licking because it is sick, go to a vet.

2) Change your scent

Sometimes dogs lick because you smell or taste delicious. (e.g., cocoa butter or coconut-scented toiletries or even the smell of your lunch and …sweat!). If that is the case, simply changing your toiletries and taking a shower can be a solution.

3) Don’t encourage licking

If your dog is licking because they are bored, you can discourage the habit.

    • Say no when they start licking and walk away
    • Ignore them even if they try to seek attention by licking
    • Rewards by giving them attention or a treat when they stop licking

4) Use dog toys to redirect your dog’s attention

A puzzle toy with food is an amazing item to switch their mind away from licking. Having a variety of toys can encourage your dog to engage in a different behaviour instead of licking.

5) Exercise often

Remember, exercising is always one of the best practices to help a dog’s behavioural problems. Exercising your dog can prevent boredom and can be used a playtime as well.

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