How to stop your dog from jumping

How to stop your dog from jumping. A black dog jumping up

“Oh, Hi! Henlo! HELLOOO!!” You almost hear their inner voice when your pup jumps up to you to come home. Greeting by jumping is a natural behaviour for dogs. However, while it is heartwarming, too much jumping can be dangerous, especially once they become fully grown adult dogs. So instead of keeping the wrestling game on, why don’t we try some tips to teach them to even better way to greet?

1) Understand why your dog jumps

As a first step, it is important to understand why your pup is jumping. Commonly, your dog might be jumping because he/she is:

    1. Greeting
    2. Showing affection
    3. Playing
    4. Trying to send a message
    5. Anxious

2) Ignore your dog

If your dog is using a wrong expression to greet or show affection, you can redirect them to learn what not to do and what to do. The first step is to eliminate ‘rewards’, that is, You!

    • Turn away and leave immediately when your dog jumps up on you
    • Be consistent

3) Teach alternative greeting

Now, it is time to teach them ‘What to do” instead of what not to do. There are several alternatives listed below.

Reward them once they put four paws on the floor/ one of the commands of your choice. Your dog will re-learn what is the best way to get treats, hugs, and attention from you and start greeting in a new way!

    • Four Paws on the floor
    • Sit
    • Touch

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