How to stop your dog from chewing

How to stop your dog from chewing. A small dog chewing on a toilet roll

Familiar with this view? Well, we feel your pain. Don’t worry, you are not the only one, and there is a solution. Read below for our best tips on how to stop your dog from chewing your furniture, shoes, and more.

1) Understand why your dog chews

The first step to solving many dog behaviour issues is to understand the cause. There are 3 main causes for dog chewing:

    • Teething:

      Is your puppy less than 6 months old? If so, your dog may be chewing because of teething. This is completely natural, and it will gradually fade away as their adult teeth grow.

    • Separation anxiety:

      If your dog chews everything only while you are gone. Your dog may be chewing because they feel extremely lonely.

    • Boredom:

      Your dog is chewing because it is bored.

2) Remove your dog’s chewing temptation

What is your dog’s favourite object to chew? Your shoes? Cushions? Make sure you hide them so that your dog does not get tempted to chew on these items.

3) Reward your dog for stopping chewing on command

Chewing is a learned habit that is fixable through training. The key is to be consistent when you catch them in the act and continue doing it until your dog learns.

  1. Use verbal commands e.g. ‘Stop it’ or ‘Leave it’
  2. Give them rewards if they stop chewing
  3. Redirect the dog’s attention to something they can chew on

4) Provide alternatives your dog can chew on

The next step is to redirect your dog’s chewing behaviour to alternatives they are allowed to chew on, such as chewers and chew toys! Instead of keep saying ‘No’, it is better to provide a variety of chewing-friendly goodies so that your dog is not going to be bored.

Here are some items and tips:

  • Edible bones / heavy chewers
  • Puzzle toys filled with food

5) Use deterrent sprays on your dog’s chosen chewing item

There are no-chew deterrent sprays available from most pet shops. The purpose of these sprays is to give the item an unpleasant smell or taste so that your dog will not want to go near it. Test by spraying it on a small item to see whether your dog is not a fan of the smell or taste. Who likes chewing on bitter or unpleasant smell items anyway?

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