How to stop your dog from begging

How to stop your dog from begging. A dog looking up at it's owner begging for food

Let’s admit dogs are cute (and they know it!). It can be hard for owners to say no to their dogs when dogs are begging with tearful eyes with a squeaky sound. Unlike barking, begging is a learned habit. Dogs are smart enough to learn that begging gets them what they want in the past. Let’s go through our tips to handle your dog’s begging.

1) Understand your dog’s motivation

Is your dog begging for attention, food, or something else? Understanding what they want is a shortcut to solve the problem.

2) Table manner

If your pup is begging for food, he/she needs to learn table manners!

    • Feed your dog first so that the dog is not going to be hungry while you eat.
    • Do not give food / attention when they beg

3) Ignore your dog

Ignore your pup and let them re-learn they will not get what they want from begging. Dogs need to re-learn begging will not get what they want. Stay strong and do not give them food or attention when they beg.

4) ‘Place’ command

‘Place’ is a useful command to handle dogs’ begging. You could redirect your dog to his comfy spot while you do not want interruption.

    • Set up a comfy spot for a dog
    • Say ‘Place’
    • Giving rewards when they stay in the place

5) Be patient and consistent with your dog

Learning takes time. While your dog is re-learning not to beg, you and your whole family need to be patient and consistent. Set a rule and make sure everyone in the house follow the rule.

6) Don’t feel guilty

Last but not the least, don’t fall into the begging trap because you feel sorry for 0the pup. We know it is hard, but your dog will eventually learn begging does not work and stop doing so. Giving them attention or food at an inappropriate time simply encourage begging behaviour, and you are trying to fix it for something better in a long term. Sorry but not sorry!

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