How to stop your dog from barking

Barking can be one of the most annoying things dogs do and is the source of many council complaints. As annoying as it can be, it is a natural behaviour. Here are our top 5 tips to help stop your dog from barking too much and keep your neighbours happy!

1) Understand why your dog is barking

According to the ASPCA, these are the most common reasons a dog barks:

    • Territorial Barking
    • Alarm Barking
    • Attention-Seeking Barking
    • Greeting Barking
    • Compulsive Barking
    • Socially Facilitated Barking
    • Frustration-Induced Barking

Note if there is a certain time of the day or situation that is triggering the barking. You may be able to remove the cause or reduce your dog’s contact with the cause.

2) Keep your dog entertained

Dogs need to be kept not only physically active but mentally as well. Ensure your dog is getting an appropriate amount of enrichment and exercise each day.

3) Use sight barriers

Manage the environment to block your dog’s sightline to potential barking triggers. If indoors, leave the curtains or blinds closed. If outdoors, use privacy fencing to cut off views to neighbouring yards or the street.

4) Set up a doggy quiet zone for when you are away

Make sure that the dog can’t access their triggers while you aren’t present to reward them for ignoring it. Set up a safe and quiet place for them away from the front door. This may be a back bedroom, laundry room, or spare space.

5) Reward your dog with high value treats for staying quiet

Turning those triggers from scary things they need to guard your house from, or fun things to bark at into something they can be rewarded for if they actively ignore them. When you are home, every time their trigger walks past, you quickly say “yes!” and reward them before they can bark. To learn more about training your dog using positive reinforcement click here.

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