About the Leave It program

We all know that dogs are man's best friend. Help is here to support your furry friend to be the very best friend he/she can be.  


"Leave It" was established in 2017 when a survey of more than 500 Redland dog owners found that 57 per cent of dogs dug holes, 32 per cent chew furniture, 10 per cent have caught wildlife and nine per cent killed wildlife. Our aim is to have well-trained dogs within the Redland community, by offering free training seminars and linking you with our accredited trainers. 


Leave It accredited trainers are here to help you. Our trainers can help you to make nuisance barking, furniture chewing, digging, running away and chasing things of the past.  


Come to one of our free training seminars, or click here to find an accredited Leave It trainer.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

6 months FREE*

dog registration 

available after completing accredited Leave It training programs.

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