Is your dog barking too much?

FREE training tips, tricks and videos to help stop your dog barking.

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Is your dog barking too much?

Is your dog chasing after wildlife?

The sooner you start training your puppy, the easier it'll be.

What is Leave It

  “Leave It” was established in 2017 when a survey of more than 500 Redland dog owners found that their dogs enjoyed creating a ruckus as a pass time.

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Our aim is to have well-trained dogs within the Redland community, by offering free training seminars and linking you with our accredited trainers. 

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Leave It accredited trainers are well established dog

training businesses from the Redlands area.


They have been trained by the best dog trainers in Australia, 

as part of the Leave It accreditation process.

Our trainers can help you to make nuisance barking, furniture chewing, digging, running away and chasing things of the past.  

Accredited trainers

Positive Response 

Dog Training

Dog Training 101

Fur Get Me Not

Nicky Wright - Animal Behaviourist

Dog Sense Dog Training

Fellowship of the Paws

Here To Help Dog Training

Redlands Dog Obediance Club

Meet the Experts

Steve Austin

Steve Austin Canine Training is a specialist business providing handling and training services for canine detection, canine conservation, canine and handler training, education seminars and courses.

Ryan Tate

Ryan is a highly experienced animal trainer who has completed a degree in Marine Biology focusing on animal behaviour. He is now focusing heavily on training dogs for detection work, primarily for conservation purposes.



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